Kayser Wealth Strategies

“Too many eggs in one basket” – in financial lingo that means you have a “concentrated portfolio” or that you “lack diversification”.

At times a concentrated portfolio (whether that be in a particular share or in a property investment) can provide you with fantastic financial results. The issue is however, how much “risk” are you taking on by holding this concentrated position, and what might happen if something goes wrong with that investment (maybe your share investment is impacted by a competitor picking up market share, or a development takes place near your rental property that impacts the desire for people to buy or rent there)?

That’s why we feel that having a more than one basket for your eggs is a good idea, so that any investment mishaps that happen (and they do happen to everyone from time to time!) cause the least possible impact to your financial situation.

If the above sounds like one of your financial quandaries, then we’d suggest you contact us to see how we can help.