Kayser Wealth Strategies

I’m sure that we’ve all heard how our parents and grandparents saved up for everything before they bought it. Rightly or wrongly that is pretty hard to achieve in the present day, given the current price of houses.

They are however probably right in that we should be more cautious about how much debt we take on and for what purpose (i.e. borrowing to go on a holiday is never really a good idea, but in the right context and given the right situation borrowing to invest can and does work).

Anyway, let’s forget about how we got to the position we’re in now, but rather look towards building a strategy that controls ‘good’ debt, reduces ‘bad’ debt (at an appropriate rate) and gets you on the right path moving forwards.

If the above sounds like one of your financial quandaries, then we’d suggest you contact us to see how we can help