Kayser Wealth Strategies

I want to save for a specific goal (house, holiday etc)

How much? How long until I need the money? How do I go about getting to this goal?

All valid questions and ones that need to be answered along with the hidden question of ‘how much risk am I prepared to take with my money to get to this goal?’

We believe that while you will hear of many get rich quick schemes or ‘hot tips’ that could work, the real question you need to consider is how would you feel if you didn’t get your desired goal? Say you invested in the hot tip that you got so that you could buy a house sooner, but then the tip failed and you lost six months worth of savings – how would you feel? Is it worth taking the slow and steady approach knowing that you’ll get there in the end rather than risking it all?

If the above sounds like one of your financial quandaries, then we’d suggest you contact us to see how we can help.