Kayser Wealth Strategies

Unfortunately there are times where equality is not necessarily the desired outcome. Your family structure may include a child (or their spouse) who cannot control their spending, a former spouse who has already got their share, or you may feel that your kids have already received enough and you’d like to ensure that charities also get to benefit from your hard work.

On the positive side, you may want to set up plans to specifically support grandchildren’s education or assist them with a deposit on a house, or you may just have a child who works in an industry which can make them subject to litigation (i.e. a Doctor), and so you want to ensure any inheritance is not taken away by their creditors.

Either way, with careful planning there are ways that you can ensure that when your days here are complete that your desired outcomes are met.

One of these steps could be as ‘simple’ as ensuring that the tax office does not get any more than their ‘fair share’, through to more complicated uses of trusts (which we can work with your legal representative to ensure is structured in the most optimal manner).

If the above sounds like one of your financial quandaries, then we’d suggest you contact us to see how we can help.